About Us

My name is Anastashia and I am a sexual abuse survivor. With that being said I have always had a big passion for helping women with their self confidence and to showing them if I can survive you can too. Prior to covid I was attending college and majoring in psychology because my plan was to become a womens Psychologist but then when covid hit my college education was put on hold due to the circumstances so this left me feeling sad and distressed. So I prayed to god to help me find another way I could help and guide me which direction to go. Stassies started out as just and idea that now has become a dream I never imagined. Seeing women so happy and excited to wear my clothes and that big confidence boost just makes me truly happy and I am determined that I have found my dream business doing what I love to do for my beautiful ladies around the world. When you support stassies you are not only supporting me but the ladies around the world saying YES YOU CAN. There is light at the end of the tunnel and we are here to support.


-Anastashia Aka Stassie